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What is Grand Apps?



Grand Apps is a mobile app maker for small businesses. We have an awesome app platform that builds apps for small businesses fast, easy and affordable. You don't need to pay $50,000 for your businesses app development.


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Why does my business need a mobile app?



Well for starters, your business likely needs to develop some type of marketing strategy to see bigger growth. This means you have to make a decision in the route you take your marketing campaign & quite honestly, our mobile apps will give you a higher return on your investment than many other marketing vehicles out there such as Social Media, Email Marketing & even SMS Text marketing. 


Also, consumers are constantly on their mobile phones and apps are consuming tons of their time. There are countless studies out there giving reason why mobile apps are better but we don't want to bore you with numbers, just trust us... 200+ clients have already.


Here is a video explaining why Push Notifications are better than most other marketing efforts.


What types of apps can Grand Apps develop?



We pride ourselves in our mobile app builder, offering 70+ native app features for your businesses mobile app. But we also can develop custom app projects. Just contact us today about your project and we can brainstorm the best approach.


What is the price?



Like everything in life, it depends :) But what we can tell you is this, using our mobile app platform is going to significantly reduce the cost of your mobile app development costs. If we need to go the custom route, it will likely take more time, effort and increase the cost of development. Just get a hold of us today for a quote.


What is included?



- Tech Support via Phone or Email

- Regular updates & improvements on our platform

- An easy to use CMS to manage your app instantly

- Much More


How long does it take to develop my app?



We like to brag & say we are one of the fastest around. But in honesty, we like to do things now, now, now. If we use our app builder to make your app, a working demo only takes around 7 business days. After you approve, we will submit to iTunes & Android app stores. iTunes takes about 10 business days for review & Android is live in 48 hours. So we could get your app built in under 21 days...depending on how fast you want to go. 


I don't see my question...



Sorry we couldn't help more! Just fill out a contact form & we will love to answer any questions you have. 



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