Taking your project from idea to reality through our new GRANDMAPPING service in partnership with Kyros Digital.



This service is in partnership between Grand Apps and Kyros Digital. This is a consultation service that helps take your concept from idea to reality.

We created GRANDMAPPING because we noticed so many people had amazing ideas but did not know how to get started. This service was created for those who are serious about launching their project and moving it forward.

The partnership offers you access to the resources of two development companies. Both started in Grand Rapids, Michigan have have unique experience to help you.


Launching a custom software solution can be very challenging. GRANDMAPPING is the process in which we begin to outline your project in detail and help you with wireframes all the way to design of the user experience.

We will dive deep into your idea,  ask many questions, perform research, help create wireframes.

Our team will even help you with investor pitch decks if you’re looking at raising capital.


- Wireframes - Basic UX/UI designs - Project Research Analysis - Project Consultation - Investor Pitch Deck - Detailed Project Proposal


Meeting 1– Discovery Dive

This kick off meeting will be our team getting to know you, ask some questions and dive deep into the project.


Meeting 2 – Research Review

After meeting, our team will go back and get working on research. We will meet within 5-7 days and present what we found and ask any more necessary questions.


Meeting 3– WireFrame Prezi

After our team learns about your project, we will begin wireframing. We will present what we came up with.


Meeting 4 – WF Changes

After we present, there might be need for changes. We will adjust, make changes and come back with a final wireframe for you and your team.


Meeting 5– UX/UI Prezi

After we get an idea for the project, our team will begin working on user experience and have ready to  present.


Meeting 6 – UX/UI Changes

You might want alterations to this mock up and we’re more than happy to help! We offer one round of edits / changes in this process. We will adjust and present second round (if needed).


Meeting 7– Close Out Meeting

This is right around the time we are finishing up. We will be all your deliverables ready for you and have a final close out meeting.

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