Feature Update | Golf Course Apps Just Got Better

Our apps for golf courses just got much better! We have recently came out with a new product release update, you can view here, but we saved one of the BEST release updates until now.

Our new scorecard feature for golf course apps takes our platform to the next level. This article will give you some more insight into how this new feature works for a golf course mobile app. So grab a few friends, get your clubs, download a golf course that uses a Grand Apps app & take your game to the next level.

Setup Your Players & Pick Your Course

You will begin by setting up the players. You can add as many players as you like. You will enter their name, handicap, gender, tee & email. Once you save the players you can then pick your course. As you see in the image to the left, we have selected Green Ridge golf course. We have 0 players selected, but we can change that with a few clicks.

Course Overview

You can then begin golfing after you added your players & picked your course. This overview will show you the holes, how many yards it is & what par it is. The images will show a basic overview top view of the hole you are playing.

Side note: everything will be GPS based. So when you are about to tee off, you can use GPS to see how far the green is away from you.

Keeping Score

The app will allow for users to track score with shots & puts. You can track all players & see how you compare to them during your game.

You can also check out the GPS to see how far away from the green you are.

The course can also display some basic info about the hole you're about to tee off at.

Scorecard Overview

See exactly where you are at compared to others.

Scorecard Menu

We have built in a menu so you can quickly check out the current game or even start a new game. You can add notes to the game, like who is buying the round of beers next hole after a lost bet. You can add more players, see an overview or return to the Main Menu of the app.

To get your golf course started with your very own app with these awesome features, just email into support@grandapps.com or call us at 616.717.1151.

Visit our website at www.grandapps.com for more awesome apps & app features we offer.


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